published Dec. 13, 2016
ASSW 2017 Session 5: Arctic Ocean dynamics, transformations, and ecosystem response
ASSW 2017の「海洋」セッション参加の呼びかけが海洋研究開発機構の藤原さんから来ております。関係する分野の方はぜひ、ご覧ください。

北極科学サミット週間ASSW 2017 (3/1–4/7、Scientific Sectionsは4/4–、にて、下記の通り北極海の海洋学セッションを開催します。

藤原 周

Session 5: Arctic Ocean dynamics, transformations, and ecosystem response
Over the last few decades the Pacific Arctic region has warmed and freshened significantly in response to shifts in ocean and atmospheric forcing, coincident with major reductions in seasonal sea ice cover. Owing to such drastic changes, numerous scientific programs have been conducted recently in the Arctic Ocean and Atlantic and Pacific inflow regions to enhance our understanding of these nuanced changes in ocean heat and salt transport, biogeochemical modification, and ecosystem response.

In this session, we encourage contributions on emerging results from both observational, theoretical, and numerical studies that consider vertical and lateral heat transport processes; sea ice thermodynamics; ocean-atmosphere interactions; biogeochemical processes in the water column and sediments, and responses of marine organisms influenced by these changes. This multidisciplinary session will provide a state-of-the-art evaluation of the environmental status and trends in the Pacific Arctic region, including the interconnectivity among varied mechanisms of physical forcing; biogeochemical cycling, biological response, ecosystem modelling and social-economic interactions.

Organizers: Amane Fujiwara, Tom Rippeth, Jessica Cross