published Dec. 13, 2016
ASSW2017 Session 6: Arctic Hydrology: Biogeochemical and Physical Fluxes
ASSW 2017の「Arctic Hydrology: Biogeochemical and Physical Fluxes」セッション参加の呼びかけが海洋研究開発機構の朴さんから来ております。関係する分野の方はぜひ、ご覧ください。

Session 6: Arctic Hydrology: Biogeochemical and Physical Fluxes
The Arctic is currently experiencing a period of warming, resulting in a changing hydrological cycle. In order to predict how the hydrological cycle may change in the future and interpret paleo-records of how it was in the past, we need to understand how the system works today, on both temporal and spatial scales. What are the fluxes and how are they coupled to other components of the system both at the large scale, e.g. atmosphere and ocean, and the local scale, e.g. wildfires and vegetation changes. What are the long-term trends in e.g. riverine chemical fluxes to the ocean and what is their seasonal variation?

To answer these questions (and many related ones!) we invite contributions from all researchers seeking to understand biogeochemical and physical hydrological fluxes in these special environments with the aim promoting dialogue between often separate disciplines.

Organizers: Ruth Vingerhagen, Hotaek Park, Rikie Suzuki, Emily Stevenson, Catherine Hirs