published Dec. 19, 2016
IASC Progress Christmas edition and goodbyes
IASC事務局よりChristmas edition of the IASC Newsletter "Progress"が送られてきましたので展開します。

IASC事務局はポツダムのアルフレッドウェゲナー研究所に置かれていましたが、来年1月よりアイスランドのアクレイリのRANNISに移り、Dr. Allen Popeが事務局長になります。

IASC事務局の局員であったMs.Heike Midleja, Ms. Mare Pitは事務局長だったDr. Volker RacholdとともにAWIの中に新しく作られたGerman Arctic Officeの一員になるようです。

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

With this Christmas edition of the IASC Newsletter "Progress", the IASC Secretariat team in Potsdam is saying goodbye. After being hosted by the Alfred Wegner Institute for the last eight years, the Secretariat is moving to Akureyri (Iceland). The new Secretariat, under the leadership of Dr. Allen Pope, will be hosted by the Iceland Research Council (Rannis) and start operating early January.

We, the staff of the IASC Secretariat in Potsdam, have found a new and exciting challenge. As of January 2017, we will form the German Arctic Office, which will be established at the Alfred Wegener Institute in Potsdam. In this new function, we can be reached at, and Postal address and phone numbers remain unchanged.

It has been a pleasure working with you and as the German Arctic Office we are looking forward to continuing the cooperation with many of you.

Merry Christmas and All the Best for 2017

Heike, Mare and Volker