published May 16, 2017
IASC Cross-Cutting Call 2017 Now Open

The objective of this call is to promote crosscutting activities within IASC and to encourage the IASC Working Groups (WGs) to explore activities which are of interest to two or more WGs. Because the IASC WGs are set up along disciplinary lines, it is possible that their activities will be focused only on one or two disciplines. While this is to be expected, the Council wishes to promote cross-discipline thematic activities and encourage interaction between the WGs, in particular between natural and social sciences WGs.

In order for an activity to be eligible for funding, it must be supported by two or more of the WGs. The deadline for applications is 30 June, 2017. Funds requested in this call should be spent by 30 June, 2018.

Contact your WG chair(s) or the IASC Secretariat with any questions. A total of 35,000 Euro will be disbursed in this call. Information on previously-funded IASC Cross-Cutting activities is available in the 2017 IASC Bulletin ( or at

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