JCAR Activities
JCAR Activities
JCAR’s activities include the following six fields. Activities in these fields are carried out effectively by making use of the various specialties of JCAR members.
Long-term planning
PurposeTo discuss future subjects of arctic environmental research and their implementation plans, and make recommendations to relevant organizations.
Data archive planning
PurposeTo assess the current data archive for arctic research in Japan.
To plan for a future data archive and recommendations to the GRENE project.
Research interaction
PurposeTo promote arctic research in Japan by enhancing information traffic among arctic researches through symposiums and academic conferences.
International and domestic collaborations
PurposeTo gather and distribute information on international arctic research activities.
To make recommendations on improving research activities in Japan.
Early career development
PurposeTo understand the realities of early career development in arctic environmental research in Japan.
To consider policies for early career development activities, and to promote early career development activities.
Publicity and dissemination
PurposeTo promote publicity and dissemination activities (such as the website, publications, and symposiums).