IASC Atmosphere Working Group Workshop
Theme of the open workshop:  Rapid Arctic Climate Change 

Organized by

Jim Overland, USA (Chair)
Hiroshi Tanaka, Japan (Vice-chair)
  Michael Tjernström, Sweden (Vice-chair)
    Sara Bowden, Yoo Kyung Lee (Executive Officer)
IASC (International Arctic Science Committee)

Date and Time:14 January 2013 (Monday) from 10:00 to 13:00
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan), Tokyo, Japan. Meeting Room 2

Recent rapid Arctic warming is considered to be a research frontier in the study of global warming. Arctic sea ice is melting drastically, exceeding IPCC projections. Although ice–albedo feedback plays an important role in polar (Arctic) amplification, it may be just an amplifier of certain warming processes in the Arctic. Long-term natural (internal) variability is a candidate cause of polar amplification as well as anthropogenic forcing. A study on Polar Prediction by WMO should help address overcome this issue. In this workshop, we welcome new research results and proposals for new research projects, such as, MOSAiC, GIPPS, GRENE, and Data Rescue.

The third International Symposium on the Arctic Research (ISAR-3) to be held in Japan from 14-17 January provides a good opportunity for Arctic researchers to get together. By holding the Atmospheric Working Group (AWG) workshop during the ISAR-3, we can invite many outstanding researchers representing various countries related to the Arctic research. This workshop is open to the public. A public lecture is also during the ISAR-3. Many attendees can exchange information on the latest advancement in Arctic research and can inspire optimum future plans.

Objectives and scope of the workshop:

The IASC AWG needs to organize national and international research projects in an optimum way in order to avoid unneeded duplication and conflicts of various projects by individual countries. Exchanging ideas for future research and adjusting possible international collaborations is an important role of IASC AWG. The theme of the workshop includes a wide range of topics in Arctic Climate Change, including:

1.      Polar Predictability

2.      Arctic Amplification

3.      Linkage to Global Process

The AWG workshop is open to the public and will be held at the same conference hall as the ISAR-3. The ISAR-3 is held from 14 to 17 January, and the Public Lecture (in Japanese) is scheduled from 14:00 to 16:00 on 14 January. We hope many participants of the ISAR-3 to come also to the AWG workshop


10:00-10:20 Opening, IASC/AWG Delegates

10:20-10:40 Tanaka, Hiroshi L., Dynamical Theory of the Arctic Oscillation

10:40-11:00 Walsh, John E., Uncertainty in Arctic Predictions

11:00-11:20 Zhang, X.-D., Enhanced High-Lower Latitude Interactions and Extreme Climate/Weather Events in a Rapidly Changing Arctic

11:20-11:30 Break

11:30-11:50 Yoshimori, Masakazu., On Mechanisms of Arctic Amplification in MIROC GCM

11:50-12:10 Moore, G.W.K., Renfrew, I.A., Pickart, R.S., Multi-Decadal Mobility of the North Atlantic Oscillation

12:10-12:30 Kim, Seong-Joong,  Arctic Research Activity of KOPRI

12:30-12:50 Moto Ikeda and Jia Wang, Abrupt Climate Changes and Emerging Ice-Ocean Processes in the Pacific Arctic

12:50-13:00 Vladimir A.Alexeev, Vladimir V.Ivanov, Ron Kwok and Lars H. Smedsrud, North Atlantic warming and declining volume of arctic sea ice

13:00-13:10 Closing, IASC/AWG Delegates

Local Organizers:

Hiroshi L. Tanaka, Vladimir Alexeev, Kaoru Sato, and John E. Walsh

Contact: E-mail    tanaka

The workshop is jointly sponsored by the IASC AWG and LOC of ISAR-3