ISAR-6 / Sixth International Symposium on Arctic Research / 第6回国際北極研究シンポジウム

About ISAR-6

Rapid changes are taking place in the Arctic that impact regional human and natural systems, and affect the global environment. The International Symposium on Arctic Research (ISAR) will meet for the sixth time since its first symposium in 2008 to identify changes in the Arctic environment and society, and to discuss possible future sustainable development. We invite all researchers with interests in the Arctic to participate in this multidisciplinary symposium and share their insights, their challenges, and to explore the possible futures of the Arctic. In addition to scientific papers, ISAR encourages reports on the human aspects of the Arctic including, the disciplines of the humanities, political science, economics, and engineering. Rapid warming in the Arctic is clear, however, the prediction of future climate change and environmental response is insufficient to guide sustainable development challenged by rapidly progressing resource utilization and economic activity. In ISAR-6, we will discuss the progression of Arctic research during the past ten years and what research may be required for the next 10 years to address the needs of sustainable development.