Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the website of the Japan Consortium for Arctic Environmental Research or JCAR (the “Site”).

1. The Information We Collect through the Site

1.1 Recording and storing server access logs

We at JCAR handle your personal information with extra care, mindful that server access logs might help identify some, if not all, of the users if they are leaked to a third party and compared with other information. We do not make such comparisons, and we do not provide such information to third parties except upon legitimate request, not least for the purpose of criminal investigations.

When we collect your information
The information we collect
Why and how we use the information we collect

1.2 Personal information submitted via the registration application form

The information that prospective registrants enter in the registration application form is recorded in a database and emailed to us. We use Google Forms for our registration application system. Google has its own privacy policy, for which JCAR is not responsible.

Check Google’s privacy policy terms and conditions for details:

2. Information Collection via Cookies,
Third-party Services, etc.


A cookie is a text data file that is sent from the web server of the site you visit to your device when this access is made. The cookie thus sent is then stored on your device (browser). When you visit the same site again, the cookie is automatically transmitted to the web server. A random unique identifier (token), etc., recorded in the cookie identifies your device. The Site uses the following third-party service, which collects user behavior histories, among other information.

2.1 Google Analytics (access analysis service)

Google Analytics is an access analysis service provided by Google Inc.

Why and how we use it
When is your information collected?
How to refuse or opt out of information collection

3. Shared Use and Processing by Third Parties

We do not share information collected on the Site. Also, we do not use such information for unintended purposes or provide it to third parties unless required by law. When we contract out the processing of all or part of personal information to a third party, we take extra care in selecting such a party and make necessary steps to ensure that the party manages the information properly.

4. How to Request Disclosure and Deletion of Your Personal Information

To request disclosure or deletion of your personal information, contact JCAR. Please note that in collecting your information via the Site, we limit what is generally known as “personally identifiable information” such as your name and email address to the information you submit via the registration application form.

5. Other


Contact the JCAR Secretariat at