ISAR-5 / Fifth International Symposium on Arctic Research / 第5回国際北極研究シンポジウム

Call for Special Session Proposals

Submission Deadline: April 15, 2017
Call for Session has ended.

ISAR-5 organizer is now accepting special session proposals from the topics of multi-disciplinary, transversal aspects and cutting-edge. The ISAR-5 consists of plenary sessions and split sessions. The split sessions includes Regular Sessions and Special Sessions. The Regular Sessions consist of the followings:

(1) Atmosphere
(2) Ocean and sea ice
(3) Rivers, lakes, permafrost and snow cover
(4) Ice sheets, glaciers and ice cores
(5) Terrestrial ecosystems
(6) Marine ecosystems
(7) Geospace
(8) Policies and economy
(9) Social and cultural dimensions


Proposal for Special Session should be submitted using the form below to ISAR-5 secretariat: no later than April 15, 2017. The following items should be included.

  • Proposer's name, affiliation, and corresponding e-mail address
  • Main convener's and co-conveners' name, affiliation, and corresponding e-mail address
  • Session title (up to 100 characters)
  • Session description (up to 500 words)
  • Summary sentence (appears in print only; 50 words max.)
  • Expected minimum and maximum number of participants
  • Scientific field(s) of the session (can be plural. e.g. atmosphere, ocean and sea ice, rivers, lakes, permafrost and snow cover, ice sheets, glaciers and ice cores, terrestrial ecosystems, marine ecosystems, geospace, policies and economy, social and cultural dimensions etc.)


  • The proposed sessions will possibly have to be rearranged by the Symposium Organizing Committee to avoid redundancy and/or to fill gaps.
  • The proposer can be a convener.
  • Session conveners will be notified not later than June 9, 2017, and the final list of sessions will be announced on June 15, 2017.
  • An oral part of the session has to have not less than 5 speakers. If it is satisfied, the session is given a 90 minutes slot. If it is not satisfied, the session will be merged with another session. If the session has not less than 11 speakers, then two 90 minute slots are given and so on.
  • The Symposium Organizing Committee is encouraging poster presentations by making the posters possible to put up whole period of the symposium so that presenters can explain and discuss their results with participants at any time convenient as well as in the poster presentation core time.

Task of Session Conveners

  • The accepted main session convener automatically becomes a program committee member and must pursue the tasks of the program committee.
  • The session conveners foster to submit abstract(s) to ISAR-5 to the community members nearby.
  • The session conveners will examine the abstracts submitted to the session if it is suitable to present in the session. If the abstract is not suitable for the session, the main convener has to inform to the program committee with recommendation of which session is suitable to present. In this case, the chairman of the program committee will ask the recommended session conveners to accept the abstract.
  • The convener(s) of the accepted sessions will become members of the program committee and will be requested to evaluate the abstracts submitted for their session and to build the program of the session (poster and oral presentations).
  • At least one of the co-conveners of an accepted session is expected to participate in the symposium and to chair the session

ISAR-5 Special Session Proposal Form