ISAR-7 / Seventh International Symposium on Arctic Research / 第7回 国際北極研究シンポジウム

As of November 17, 2022

Guide for ISAR-7 participants in hybrid (on-site and online) format

For all participants

  • The seventh meeting of ISAR will be the first hybrid-format meeting ever in ISAR history. A hybrid format of ISAR-7 would allow for broader access from worldwide.
  • The registration fee is the same regardless of whether you attend on-site or online. However, all participants must register their participation method (on-site or online) when they register for the ISAR-7. Participants can change their participation method by February 6 via the registration site on the ISAR-7 website. Participants can participate both on-site and online. Please register as "on-site" if the participants will be at the on-site venue for even one day during the symposium.
  • Online participants can attend the Plenary Sessions, Breakout Sessions, and Poster Sessions Core time using ZOOM in real time.
  • Poster sessions will be held online twice during the symposium to account for time differences.
  • Poster presenters who participate on-site may also display their posters at the venue, where a dues-paying icebreaker* will be held concurrently on March 7. It will be an excellent opportunity to communicate directly with many researchers!!
    *Icebreaker may not be held depending on the COVID-19 situation.
  • The online meeting participation site of ISAR-7 will be opened in late February. This site will include poster displays, online session rooms, programs, abstracts, and booth exhibits. The Secretariat will inform each participant of the ID/password to use the online meeting site as soon as it is ready. On-site participants can also use this site.
[Tentative schedule of ISAR-7 as of November 2022]
  Morning Afternoon
March 6 (Mon)   Breakout Sessions
March 7 (Tue) Opening Ceremony
Keynote Presentation
Session Presentations
Breakout Sessions
Icebreaker (on-site) Canceled
March 8 (Wed) Poster Session core time 1 (online)
Keynote Presentation
Session Presentations
Breakout Sessions
Poster Session core time 2 (online)
March 9 (Thu) Session Presentations
Keynote Presentation
Breakout Sessions
March 10 (Fri) Keynote Presentation
Plenary Session
Closing Ceremony

For presenters

When the online meeting participation site opens, more details about how to present in ISAR-7 will be informed.

Oral presentations

On-site presenters

Oral presentations will be delivered to online participants via ZOOM. Presenters are requested to display their presentation slides by the screen-sharing function of ZOOM by using their PC with ZOOM installed.

The presentation slides shared via ZOOM will be projected on the screen at the venue using the PC prepared by the Secretariat. Wi-Fi service is available at the venue.

Online presenters

Online presenters will use ZOOM for the presentations; please share the slides using ZOOM's screen-sharing feature.

Online Poster presentations

Presenters must upload their posters to the online meeting participation site before the core times of the poster presentation. Presenters can also submit a presentation video. This site will be opened in late February.

During the core time, the breakout room function of ZOOM will be used to provide the opportunity for direct Q&A between poster presenters and other participants.

Poster Presenters are required to attend their assigned breakout rooms during at least one core time.

[Tentative schedule for Poster Sessions as of November 2022]

Poster core time 1 (online): March 8 (Wed) 8:20-9:20 (JST=GMT+9)
Poster core time 2 (online): March 8 (Wed) 17:00-18:00 (JST=GMT+9)

On-site Poster Display

Poster presenters who participate on-site may also display their posters at the venue.