ISAR-7 / Seventh International Symposium on Arctic Research / 第7回 国際北極研究シンポジウム

Important Notice

(As of August 3. 2022)

For all participants

  • The Secretariat is carefully preparing for ISAR-7, which will be an in-person meeting under the COVID-19 pandemic. Please note that the schedule of ISAR-7 will be different from the previous ISAR schedule.
  • In order to assess the status of entry restrictions due to COVID-19, registration for ISAR-7 will be pushed back from the original schedule and will begin early October 2022.
  • Abstract submission has been started on August 3 as scheduled. Please note that the abstract submission fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.
  • ISAR-7 Secretariat will make utmost efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection at the local site. In addition to working with the venue to ensure thorough disinfection and ventilation, we strongly recommended that all participants have been triple vaccinated.

For all overseas participants

  • Restrictions on entry into Japan are updated frequently. Please refer to the following website for the latest information.
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan website
  • As long as the current immigration restrictions continue to be valid, ERFS registration, visa applications, and other actions will be required prior to entering Japan.
  • If you wish to participate in ISAR-7 on-site, you need to find your own host institutions/researchers who can assist you with the entry procedures into Japan. Please note that the ISAR-7 secretariat cannot register ERFS and issue visa support document for participants.
  • ISAR-7 overseas participants must comply with all restrictions upon entry and after entry into Japan.
    For example:
    -Health and location checks are performed.
    -The institution in charge of receiving the visitor is responsible for checking the health status of the visitor at the waiting facility and contacting medical facilities in case the visitor is symptomatic or positive.
    -For foreigners, depending on the nature of their medical treatment, they may incur high medical costs, so it is recommended that they purchase insurance.